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WSOP Update…

Posted By on June 23, 2013

The WSOP hasn’t been going so great for me. I only have one cash in a $1500 NLH event. I have two tournaments where I basically stone bubbled and one tournament where I was close to the bubble. The $3k Mix Max event I finished 70th place with 68 making the money, and in the $1500 NLH Shootout I got heads up in the first round and lost. Both of those exact bubbles were disheartening.

In the Mix Max I shoved a little over 10bbs with KQo after an amateur limped. His limping range was VERY wide. I played with this guy on day one and day two, I didn’t think he would call me too light, especially since it was the bubble. He quickly called with 88. I thought he might even fold a hand like that to me. I guess I was wrong :-). In the Shootout I got heads up with a 3-2 chip lead. I relinquished the advantage when my AQo lost to AKo all in preflop. I tried to grind back and eventually was all in for my last ~20bbs with TT vs A2o and lost. Not much I could do except register for the next event!

I’ve had to make a couple trips back to Florida during the series. It has caused me to miss a few good events I would have enjoyed playing. I am taking one more quick stop back to Florida on Tuesday. I will be back in Vegas on Friday. There are still a decent amount of events left. I am looking forward to finishing the WSOP strong. Tournaments are often out of your control and I will continue to do everything in my power to put myself in a position to win.

I was selected to be one of Bluff Magazine’s “The Contenders.” Bluff is tracking five poker players throughout the WSOP. They are doing videos and interviews with us so the world can get an insider’s view on what it is like to be a professional poker player during the WSOP. It’s an honor that I was thought of and I am happy to be one of the players picked. Below is a video I shot for them when the series began. In the end I spit some knowledge that every poker player should know!

Also, I did a short interview with Paul Oresteen (who works for Bluff) which can be read by clicking this sentence.

I have roughly 10 events left on my schedule including the Main Event. If there is one tournament to do well in, it’s that event. I’ve had two deep runs in the Main Event and hope this year I can make another.

Aside from poker, life is good. I have been working out more lately, playing basketball, and recently started taking Pilates with an instructor using a Reformer. I plan on getting involved in yoga as well. I’m realizing there are so many different ways to take care of your body. It is fun to switch your activities up and try new ways to improve your health. My friends and family are all doing well, which is the most important thing.

My brother does basketball training in south Florida. He recently launched his website, Currently he is putting on a summer basketball camp for kids ages 8-17. He also does private training too. All the information can be found on his website. Check out a video from one of his camps and spread the word if there is anyone you know who might be interested. It’s pretty amazing to see the family do good in our community for the younger generation. I’m proud of them. There’s more to come.


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