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West Coast Poker Trip / Ramblings…

Posted By on February 13, 2013

West Coast Poker Trip / Ramblings…

[Wrote 95% of this on the plane yesterday. In case anything seems off.]  
  I always seem to over-pack. No matter where I’m going or what I plan on doing, I constantly bring more than I ever use. Currently I am flying from Florida to Las Vegas then heading to California after that. I don’t think I over-packed, but time will tell. Haha. I am going to Vegas to play cash games along with the WSOP Circuit / Venetian events. After that I will make my way to Los Angeles for the LAPC. I might take a trip to San Jose for Bay 101 as well. That decision is similar to my over-packing debate. Time will tell! I’m excited to play a lot of poker over the next few weeks.
  Recently, I started coaching an 8th grade AAU basketball team with my buddy Brian. It has been a great experience so far. I love basketball. More importantly then that is the fact that I get to interact with kids I can have a direct impact on. It is a process though. I am still getting to know them and how to handle each one. Dealing with different personalities is never simple, especially when coaching teenagers, but I will figure it out. We haven’t traveled to any tournaments yet. There were a couple scrimmages and a handful of practices. I can’t wait to travel for games with the team and see how we do. The only downside is that, due to my schedule, I won’t be able to attend every tournament. I don’t want to miss a thing. Unfortunately, I’ve already missed multiple practices and a scrimmage. But, fortunately for me, writing this paragraph makes me appreciate the opportunity even more. The glass is half full. Always.
  In my last blog I talked about who I am, and who I want to become. The more time I spend thinking about this, the deeper it gets. It’s a black hole (in the positive sense.) There is no end to improvement, at least for me, in my eyes. I feel no limits. If I want to do something… I can do it. Hopefully that doesn’t come off as arrogant, but I truly believe that. I have lived it thus far. (I mostly blame my parents for this mindset, and a couple friends too. Thank you.)
  Sometimes I feel I shouldn’t express myself too much, especially in my blog. Not because I feel it makes me vulnerable, but because it holds me accountable. Also, context is everything. It is difficult to transfer my thoughts to paper without losing something or someone along the way. If anything, I would like to be understood. I will definitely write more thoughts to the blog though. I’m about to ramble. Let me get back on topic…
  Somewhere along the line I became lazy, complacent, settled, or just lost focus. There are COUNTLESS distractions in the world. I was letting myself get interrupted. I still will, but not as much. Hopefully I can recognize when it is happening and when I don’t want it to happen. I believe balance is key in life as well. But… If you are trying to get from point A to point B you shouldn’t stop too much along the way. Gas is expensive.
  There are so many things I want to experience in my lifetime. Shit… I want to live long enough to have the opportunity to do so. Therefore, I better do my best to be healthy. That alone is a job in itself. This is an entry point into the black hole. Think of what you want to do, then think of all the things that can help you accomplish that goal. It is never-ending. You need a new hobby? Playing the piano has always interested you? Great. Buy a keyboard, take lessons, strengthen your fingers, learn how to read music, learn how to write music, make time for all these tasks (eliminate distractions), and the list goes on… You can never maximize your potential, ever. I know this isn’t a mind-blowing notion, but I think it is important to understand this concept. What do you want to do? How far are you willing to go?
  This isn’t Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. You aren’t going to drink a Fizzy Lifting Drink and float to the top of the room where sharpened, spinning blades are waiting to dismember your body. My point is:
  If you want to do something, JUST DO IT. It’s that simple. There is no ceiling. Figuring out what you want is the hard part. Getting from A to B should be the fulfilling part. It gives the end goal meaning. Even if you don’t make it all the way you still learned something, and hopefully enjoyed the ride. If you want to be the best, then try to be the best. If you want to have fun and enjoy yourself do that too. If you can control it, which most of us can, be happy. 
  Not everyone has some grand scheme or something they feel is monumental that they want to do with their life. That’s perfectly fine too. Everyone has to figure out what they want for themselves. We are all different. Find your own happiness, however that may come. That is the most important thing above all. If there is something you want to accomplish though, don’t let yourself get in the way, go for it.