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Recent Results: 45th $1.5k 6max/Day 2 $3k 6max…

Posted By on June 12, 2012

 I busted 45th out of 1604 players in the $1500 6max NLH. I had a little over 20bbs and lost a coinflip. I felt like I played that tournament well, for the most part and I survived as long as possible without many good spots. I played a couple tournaments since then as well as the $3k NLH 6max tournament. It started with 924 people and we are currently down to the last 141 people. 108 make the money. I’m really short on chips. My stack was up to 65k at 400/800 but I lost a big 80k pot 2nd nuts vs the nuts. I only have 14.4k going into 500/1k/100 ante. Hopefully I can pick up some chips tomorrow. I’m fairly certain the last four 6max tournaments, prior to this one, I made the money (4th in the 10k 6max, Isle 2k chop, 23rdish 6max WSOPE, 1500 WSOP 6max a few days ago.) Hopefully I can keep the streak alive, or the 5th time is the charm! Definitely going to do my best to win a bracelet this year. I don’t know if it is possible, but I won’t be the thing that stops me from winning one. Night.

Ellie Goulding – High for this (The Weeknd cover)