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Day 4 SubPartouche Main Event…

Posted By on September 6, 2012

 Today I played Day 3 of the SubPartouche main event. I had an up and down day, getting short on chips and peaking at 350k. When the night was finished I ended with 134k going into 4k/8k blinds. We are in the money though. The tournament started with 573 players and 57 made the money. There are 47 remaining. The blind levels increase to two hours from this point on.

 Before the start of the tournament today, Patrick Partouche (the owner of the poker tour), announced that he is canceling the Partouche Poker Tour after this series. Obviously the Partouche Poker Tour became tarnished once they decided not honor the 5 million euro guarantee they put on their main event. Below is a video of the end of his speech which he completed in English. Also the aftermath, which begins with me calling him out about the 5 million guarantee. Peter Jetten recorded the video and jumps in the conversation as well. I was recording on my camera too but the footage isn’t as good. If you want to see the whole video PokerNews did a write up about it. 

 I have a lot more I could say about this whole ordeal but I will leave at it that for now. Wish me luck in the tournament! I’ve been wondering if Partouche will still pay me if I win it, haha.