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3rd Place $1500 PLO/Day 2 $1500 NLH 6Max…

Posted By on June 8, 2012

 The $1500 PLO final table was crazy. There were a lot of pots played that I thought would have never happened. I was able to grind out a short stack and move my way up the money to finish in third place. Luckily in PLO there are no antes, which definitely helped the cause. There were 4.4 million chips in play and I never had over 380k. I am really pleased with my finish and my play from that tournament, but I also realize I have a lot to work on. That is what makes poker fun.

 I received a tremendous amount of support throughout the last tournament run. It’s always amazing to see that. Thank you, I appreciate it. That’s really all I can say. There are more and more good, respectable people in poker, which is exactly what this industry needs.
 Today was Day 1 of the $1500 NLH 6max tournament. I ended finishing 11th in chips with 137 players remaining. The tournament started with 1604 players and 162 made the money. We restart at 1pm and will probably play down to the final table. I’m ready to have another shot at a bracelet. There are a lot of good players left but I look forward to the competition. As usual, I will update how the tournament is going on twitter.